Bitcoin City Metaverse — Life without taxes

Bitcoin City is the city of your dreams. Politics without taxes and corruption. We are 101% SAFU. Two-factor audit DONE!

Welcome to $BCITY

The history of Bitcoin city is not too old, as the president of El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele, disclose the news that his government will build the Bitcoin city that will be an Oceanside at the base of a volcano. Buy land near of Vulcan. Earn more $BCITY and become the mayor of the city!

About #BCMetaverse

The Bitcoin city will be large, beautiful and fully equipped with the technology having the complete infrastructure to run the administration of the city. The main characters of the city will be Bitcoin Mayor, Bitcoin Banker and Bitcoin police. The base currency of the BC will be $BCITY, the holders of which can buy land, a house, a car, etc.


Stage 1 (Q4-2021)

  • Basic concept, website, algorithm.
  • Development of design and urban environment (2D, 3D art)
  • Tokenomics and unique NFTs

Stage 2 (Q1-Q2-2022)

  • $BCITY Public Presale
  • Listing on Pancakeswap
  • Airdrop competition
  • NFT listing on OpenSea (2D, 3D NFTs)
  • Land auction in Bitcoin City

Stage 3 (Q2-Q3-2022)

  • Deploy Polygon Contract
  • Release of the mobile version of the metaverse
  • BitcoinCity game release (iOS, android)
  • Tier-2 centralized exchange

Stage 4 (Q3-Q4-2022)

  • Major CEX listing
  • Staking Platform Launch (Binance Smart Chain & Polygon)
  • NFT minting on BSC
  • Election of the mayor of the city
  • New volcanoes with more power
  • Farming $BCITY at volcanoes
  • BCITY web3 wallet for WEB
  • to be continued..


What is the metaverse?

The term Metaverse is dedicated to the concept embedded with the use of the Internet in the future, which retains a network of shared 3D virtual areas integrated into a virtual world. In a broader sense, the Metaverse might refer to a comprehensive internet encompassing all forms of augmented reality. The examples of Metaverse include video conferencing or calling, games, cryptocurrency, email, virtual reality, social networking, and live-streaming. The blockchain highly adopts the concept of Metaverse as the world is embracing the trustworthy ledger, and blockchain is considered one of the most secure technologies.

What is Bitcoin City Metaverse?

Bitcoin City Metaverse is a virtual world with a 3D gaming algorithm, where each of you can live, play, go to the store, buy food, eat, create a farm, etc. This city has its own police, bank, shops, mayor and laws.

What are the benefits of $BCITY holder?

$BCITY holders can play the 3D game and earn more money. Holders can participate in the mayoral elections. Holders can open their own bank and earn more % of BCITY. Holders can buy land near Vulcan and farm $BCITY, etc.

Our Team

Mr. Ari

(Digital Artist)

Mrs. Genji

(2D artist)

Mr. Palmar